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Guru Sai is the name of the best psychic in Sydney. He has more than 15 years of experience as a famous Indian Astrologer. Presently he lives in Sydney and ready to provide his assistance to the people who are in seek of happiness, stability, love, money and success in life. He has the power to find out the correct solution to all your problems in life and help you to achieve success and happiness. His psychic reading is guaranteed and safe for all.


Vedic Astrology

Guru Sai is an expert of Vedic Astrology. He has been practising this for many years – first in India and now in Australia. He knows the secret of Vedic astrology and can apply this strength to solve the problems of your life easier. He takes the nominal time to offer you the solutions to different issues like love, money, sex, job, education or health.


Fortune Telling

Are you interested in knowing your fortune? Come to Guru Sai – the best Vedic astrologer and psychic reader of this present time in Sydney. He reads horoscope, face and palm of people to find interesting facts about their life. They can be aware of their future in this way. No matter what your question is, Guru Sai has the answer for it.



The significance of numbers is very high in your life. Everything in your life has a number and it can tell a lot of things about you, your personality and your future. Numerology is one of the most interesting and effective parts of psychic reading. Guru Sai is an expert on this subject. You can meet him and get numerological assistance in your career, education or personal life easily.