Guru Sai – Your Spiritual Guide And Astrologer

Astro Guru Sai is a well established Indian astrologer; a specialist in Vashikaran and Negative energy removal who is right now living in Sydney Australia.

Guru Sai is specialised in various subjects like palm readings, face readings for mysterious meetings. He is known for giving customized prophetic counsel and gives forecasts in all the cities and states throughout Australia.


The Right Solution For A Happy Life

Guru Sai has a vast knowledge in Vedic Astrology, which makes him capable of understanding the chief cause of your problems in life as well as find out the right solution instantly. He knows what type of ritual or poojas should be done for a particular issue in life. He can tell you the easiest and most effective ways of leading a successful and happy life.


Get Quick Solutions Over Phone

Call and talk about your issues and we will try to arrange some quick arrangement for them. A large number of issues can be resolved remotely through Mantras, Yantras, Vedic and Tantrik Fire Rituals. That means you do not need to come and visit Guru Sai personally or wait for your appointment schedule. You can get the solution as quick as possible by following those rituals.

When you call, may be our assistant reply to your call and you can impart your issues to him/her. Your conversation will not be disclosed to anyone else.

Guru Sai - Famous Indian Vedic Astrologer

Meet the palm reading specialist who has 15 years of experience and can provide you honest and effective solutions for every problem of your life. Guru Sai offers 100% guarantee for the safety of his solutions.

After helping various people in India to overcome their difficulties in life, now Guru Sai is in Sydney to help the people of Australia with his immense knowledge in astrology and psychic reading.